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Cupless Lingerie - Show that little bit more

CUPLESS Bras - A must have for all women

Cupless bras aren't for every women. The main issue is cupless bras or open front bra's tend to be associated with erotic and saucy fantasies. there are many women that value comfort compared to showing off their cleavage.

There are so many types of women's bras on the lingerie market including; push up bras, underwired bras, padded bras, soft cup bras, adjustable bras, strapless bras etc.

Choosing a bra these days can be complicated so you'll need to consider several different points worth noting. This article plans on clarifying the daunting experience of buying bra's at an online lingerie store.


Well, an open cup bra also known as open cup bra has one main feature. The nipples are on show. Some have a frame to outline your breast, some have small slits to strategically reveal the nipples and some have holes that are tied up and can be revealed depending on the amount of skin you want to reveal.

They can underwired, they can be half cup or even quarter cup. Each with the sole purpose of revealing the breasts.

Cupless lingerie mustn't be confused with a balconette bra. This is similar to a standard bra that just has a lower cut revealing more neckline.

Cup-less bras have been designed specifically with an open area with no cup. It's generally underwired because they need the extra help with support.

It exposes the maximum amount of breast and nipples and is worn as extremely erotic lingerie, leaving very little to the imagination.

They can be worn underneath sheer lingerie, allowing the nipples to show through and tease and tantalise.

We've created a short list of important things to remember when buying your cup-less bra.

1. Remember that size is the most paramount. An incorrect fitting bra is the worst thing you can have. So make sure you check your measurements and that they match the product description.

2. Make sure you know how you plan on wearing your bra. Will it be underneath another piece of lingerie? The last thing you want are your nipples showing through your outerwear.

3. Make sure you're confident when choosing your cupless bra. When worn with confidence they can display your assets and highlight your beautiful curves.


There's a huge rise in popularity with cupless lingerie appearing so much in the mainstream. You'll have heard expressions like 'underboob' that  show off alongside a sexy dress. Open cup bras are now making their way into the high street. But buying online is so much more private.


It's a very versatile style of erotic lingerie, that every women should have at least on of them in their lingerie drawer. You'll be glad to hear though that it isn't just for the bedroom. Here are some other ideas for you:


Bondage play has inspired strappy lingerie trend to be seen in the mainstream. It's everywhere you look these days. So, this allows you to buy strappy bras and panties that when colour coded can be worn in layers. These layers can cover you more at first glance, but then can be taken off in stages later on in the evening. Use these layers to tease. your partner, just at the right time.


If you choose a bra that is more harness than bra, you'll be able to wear it over the top of other clothing, exaggerating your breasts and promoting the fact you know your fashion.


So let's be frank. The main reason you buy a open cup piece of lingerie is to show off your assets in whatever form. So just do it! Make it a completely erotic experience. It's the ultimate form of seduction and we're not making any apologise for it. Feel the confidence ooze!

So, we hope we've provided you with all there is to know about cupless underwear. Now it's time to browse our collection of erotic cupless lingerie.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Sex Toys: How should you clean and store them?

Keeping your sex toys clean

Why bother we hear you shout! Well, take it form us, it's so important because the last thing you want whilst having sex is worrying about what germs you might be spreading whilst pleasuring your partner.

There's nothing more off-putting than discovering bad smells and dodgy mould on your latest sex toy. Urrrrrr!

But it's not all doom and gloom and it's not a massive hassle. It's pretty effortless to keep your little friends clean and safe to use.

All it takes is a little consistency. Just create a routine for cleaning your adult toys and it will become a habit before you know it. 

Below we will go into more detail but whatever the sex toy, wether it's a vibrator for women or and anal sex toy the guides set below are all relevant.

When sharing toys with your lover, it's worth remembering to clean it during intercourse or you could use a condom for classic dildos and vibrators. Always dry it off before you put it back in your goodies draw otherwise next time you get it out you'll find mildew on it. Also don't leave them lying around for days as bacteria can attach to the surfaces and this is not as easy to wash off. 

Everything you need to know about keeping your sex toys clean and stored away safely.

How to clean Toys without power

The most important step is to find out the correct way to clean your toy. To do this you'll need to know what material it's made out of, porous or non-porous? So why is this so important? Well a toy that's made out of a porous material needs more effort and time. Although the holes will be super tiny, they can collect bacteria, mildew and mould in the pours if you don't keep on top it. 

The following materials are porous:

     • Rubber
     • Elastomer
     • Latex
     • UR3 and Sensafirm

Generally you will find these materials in dildos that feel realistic, such as cyberskin and dual density. Placing a condom over penetrative toys is a great way to keep these clean and safe.

When cleaning non-electric, porous adult toys, always use a very mild and unscented soap (ideally antibacterial) along with warm water. Be careful though, if it is a realistic material, only use a little soap and this can damage the Realistic skin effect. Make sure you rinse off all of the soap and leave in a place that has a flow or air and is dry.

When your toys are non-porouus materials such as glass, metal, hard plastic or silicone, it's much easier. Just soap and water will do the job! Silicone and glass can also be immersed into boiling water for 3-4 minutes! This will ensure all the nasty bacteria is killed off. 

Cleaning your Sex Toys that have power

Toys that vibrate and aren't sold as waterproof, you'll still be able to use soap and water but just make sure you remember not to submerge it in water. Use a damp cloth with a little soap and rub thoroughly. Then leave on the side to dry off. This should do the job nicely! 

How to identify which Toys you Clean During Sex verses ones you clean afterwards.

Shared toys are the most important to consider. When sharing a dildo, butt plug or vibrator (anything that is penetrative) during intercourse it's always a good idea to use a condom. This will ensure your lover is completely protected from any nasty bugs. Always worth noting, avoid oil-based lubricants as these can destroy the condoms protection.

It's not that hard to clean your toy in between session with warm soapy water. We highly recommend this when the sex toy is an anal toy. When cleaning anal toys always make sure you've washed off all of the soap as this can cause irritations. Make sure the towel is lint free as anything else will leave small bits of fluff on your toy. Once you've done this you'll be able to get stuck in!

Male sex toys are fine to clean after your session and there are several special antibacterial solutions available from sex shops. If you want to save money then again, soapy water will do the job.

Storage Ideas for Sex Toys

Once you're done, don't be tempted to chuck your toys back in the sex drawer. It's a recipe for disaster if you do! you're bound to forget where you've thrown them and they could be discovered by unwanted eyes. But, most importantly, your toys will pick up all kinds of nasties lying around in the bottom of your draw!

These toys aren't cheap and if you've bothered to buy sex toys then look after them. they deserve it! Take the time to find a nice storage solution for them. They'll look so much more appealing too!

For example, a lovely silk and satin pouch is perfect for storing your adult toys. then from time to time you can chuck the bag in the wash! Voila! Nice and clean.

Another option would be to use a plastic container. We all have these lying around the house and they offer a cheap wipeable solution for storage. 

For the more paranoid of you, there's a lockable option, either with padlock or code.

So, there you are...

The moral of the story is just take a little time to protect and keep your toys clean.

Buy doing this you'll ensure your love making sessions are bug free, worry free and so much more pleasurable.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Erotic lingerie: How to impress your partner in one quick reveal?

If you're looking for your erotic lingerie, it's in your bottom drawer.

You might have been given it on a hen do. Your ex might have bought it for you. Or, you might have treated yourself in the thinking it would make you feel super sexy on the next horny escapade. To be honest, it doesn't matter where or how you got it, this is the time it needs to come out and put on!

Every women deserves the occasional thrill of showing off her body adorned with sexy erotic lingerie in front of her loved one. Jut watch the expression on their face when you do the 'big reveal'!

Trashy Lingerie: Erotic Underwear at its Best

Initially there is the simple sleazy underwear. This includes anything from a red cup-less body to the nasty set of crotchless panties. These tend to be women's favourite kinky lingerie that's stuffed down the back of their wardrobe. 

Well let us say for the record that ladies, there is absolutely nothing bad about showing off your bod in these skimpy little sets that reveal all of your curves and more. To be honest they are the best lingerie styles for boosting your confidence and therefore your intimate time.

Dare to wear women's erotic underwear on every occasion!

If you're wanting to set your sheets on fire then there are lingerie sets that will certainly do that. You could try building a whole set, starting with a cupless teddy, some sexy stockings and a paid of nipple pasties to finish off the look. 

We're talking about lingerie that you'll need to send the kids off to your in-laws. there's no way you can fully enjoy it with any prying eyes around the house.

Now after saying all of this, there is one negative we may not have mentioned. Once you've enjoyed it once you'll definitely want more and this is where the problem come in to play. You don't have enough erotic lingerie to outlast your stamina.

But don't worry this is where we come in to help. Below are 5 of our best selling cup-less and crotchless underwear. We're pretty confident you're going to like at least one of them.




Ok, so for starters here's the incredibly alluring GINETTE BLACK CHEMISE. We've started with this sexy little number because we feel it's the perfect compromise between strappy revealing lingerie and a full covered babydoll. 

The Ginette features a cupless top design with straps that create an intricate design whilst serving the main purpose of support. This design acts as the main foundation for overall look. There is a sliding fastener at the back neckline that allows you to adjust to give you just the right amount of support without being restricted.

On the lower half there is a flowing tulle that is risqué, draping across your body. The see through material provides a sexy shadow of your curvesmakign this a very erotic lingerie piece.

It doesn't stop there, the back has an open cheeky open area that shows off the matching thong and / or bum cheeks.

It's worth mentioning that the nipple pasties are not included with the set but don't worry we have you covered! See our nipple pastie collection here>>

You will be glad to hear that the Ginette Chemise is also available in red and white. 





Now for the second of our best selling lingerie. The Ginette is a sexy teddy that's a seriously sumptuous. It has a strappy design on top thats made out of elasticated material for comfort. The complex pattern is a main design element to this gorgeous piece. The elasticated straps adorn the curves of your breasts revealing your breasts in the best way possible.

There is an adjustable fastener at the top neck line at the back which ensure a perfect fit. The straps are connected to a transparent tullle that covered the rest of your body. All your curves are exaggerated beautifully by this sheer material and will tease your partner into a frenzy.

The back is just as beautiful with it's open back and the lower area has the matching sheer tulle, making this piece very cheeky. This is why we've included this in this top 5 erotic lingerie list.

Unfortunately the nipple pasties are not included but don't worry you can buy the NC019 Red nipple covers here.

If red isn't your colour the Ginette Teddy is also available in Black and white.





Now for the exciting Erotic Skye corset. Although this is an oldie, it's also a goodie! This bright little number is one of our best sellers and we can see why.

The Skye corset has an open cup design with delicate lace straps that wrap around your breasts. The matching lace is continued around the edging of the main body area, decorated with little black bows.

The straps at the back are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit. Making this very comfortable and sexy lingerie.

The main body has suspender straps built in so all you need to finish off the look are a nice set of stockings.

The skye corset is completed with it's very sexy little (very little) matching blue and black lace thong. Absolutely stunning!





Next is the Loretta Set in black. The Loretta is a very tempting three piece set from the ME Seduce Gold & I collection.

The design of the Loretta is strappy. There's not much to it! The straps are positioned carefully to enhance your curves and exaggerate all of your best bits.

The top half is cupless with only a few straps that curve around your breasts. Then there is a look alike suspender that sits around your waistline decorated with little clasps in gold.

Finally there's the matching thong that has straps that sit on your hips. The straps are elasticated and easy to move up and down to sit comfortably on your curves.

Please note that the nipple covers are not included and are for photographic effect. We do however sell the Me Seduce NC017 black nipple covers here.

Lastly, if black just isn't your colour the Loretta also comes in Red and white.





Last but not least we would like to introduce the Sasha Teddy. It's a very hot piece of lingerie that will bring out the animal in you.

The cups are decorated with a red and black tiger print design thats semi opaque allowing your nipples to tease and tantalise.

The body is manufactured using elasticated wet-look material meaning it clings to all your beautiful curves. At the bottom edge of the body there is matching red and black tiger print tulle to complete the design.

Along the edges of the cups and body is delicate scalloped edging that brings a quality feel to this Sexy teddy.

At the back you'll find a binding Rouleau loop tie feature to ensure the best fit and there are also thin criss cross style straps for an extra level of adjustment.

The best part about the Sasha Body is the fact that it's been designed as crotchless making it incredibly erotic. The back doesn't let the side down either. It has been left open so your bottom is on view to all with a thong style back design to it. We love this and apparently you guys do to!


If you're teased but not completely decided why not take a look at our full erotic lingerie collection and browse a little more.


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Crotchless Lingerie - Shock and dazzle!

Crotchless Lingerie: What's it all about?

Well it may be a shock but men love their lingerie with as little fabric as possible. In a survey 54% of men said they preferred a bra that revealed more skin. on the other hand 34% said they would purchase smaller thongs. 

Sadly, these men will get a big disappointment, as 62% of the ladies surveyed said they preferred more material over their private parts and breasts.

To make matters worse, 64% of the ladies returned a verdict stating comfort was at the top of their list when they bought lingerie. Men have a big problem getting their heads around these stats but unfortunately the statistics don't lie.

It's not all bad news though.... Men do however have a preference of bright coloured seductive lingerie compared to women who would rather play safer with black and white classy lingerie.

Out of all the men surveyed, 74% liked their women to wear brighter colours, red being top of the list.

It's not all bad news though.. it seems women have special erotic lingerie that's specially worn on nights of seduction. 89% conveyed they felt much more sexy and confident when they wear this special erotic lingerie.

It's a mutual agreement though that both men and women prefer the sets to be matching and co-ordinated, materials, colours and styles.

so, the big take away form this survey is that men love their lingerie to reveal more skin that tease and tantalise. The fabrics preferred are lace, see through, straps and bows that can be undone at the right moment. 

Either way erotic lingerie installs confidence and therefore improves the sexual experience. Women have also said that they sometimes wear sexy lingerie for work sometimes, even when partying with their friends. So, basically it can be worn whenever it suits! 


Crotchless Lingerie shocks the most

When you're wanting to make a lasting impression, crotchless lingerie never fails. Crotchless lingerie also known as open-front lingerie has an opening around the women's vagina, for easy access. Depending on her position this opening is as revealing or as teasing as she wants, leaving her in complete control. Luring in here lover as and when she wants.

Although crotchless underwear isn't for everyone, no one can deny that the women figure and beauty is at its best when on show.

There are many different styles to consider when buying crotchless lingerie so we've collected a few of our best sellers to give you a taste of whats on offer here at SeriouslySensual.


Our top 5 best selling crotchless lingerie pieces:



The first on our list is the predatory Bristol set that's made for feisty women! Pure comfort is made possible due to the soft elasticated material with a delicate elastic mesh adoring a leopard print pattern. The Bristol has a cupless bra and has the matching leopard print pattern sat next to stunning black lace. the bra is fastened by three hooks and eye adjusters. The panties are matching but with the an element of surprise in the crotchless gusset. We're not certain but we're guessing this is why the Bristol set is one of our best sellers. Well, at least the men will think so!

Buy the Irall Bristol set in black here 




Introducing number two on our list of crotchless lingerie. It's the Strappy stretch lace gartered teddy. This stunning teddy is a little unconventional for a teddy. It's more of a cross between a bra and panty set and a teddy/body. It's delicate lace material covers the breast leaving small openings for the nipples to be revealed.

The bottom half although attached has a matching lace look alike suspenders that are connected to the panties. To complete the look the Strappy stretch lace gartered teddy comes with a pair of stockings. What else do you need for your erotic night of teasing and tantalising. 





Third but not least is the 90443 by Shirley of Hollywood. Although the name isn't that sexy it's hard to deny that this sexy teddy with crotchless front leave's little to the imagination.

It's made out of stretchy lace so enhance all your curves in all the right places.

It comes in the classic black colour and has a revealing criss cross design down the front leading to an opening for all to see. The back certainly doesn't let the side down either with its thong style back. This sexy little number definitely will shock and dazzle the onlooker.





Although it's low on the list it's not to be underestimated! May we introduce you to the Provocative Sexy Red Crotchless thong. It pretty much says it all in the name. This incredibly sexy thong is constructed our of stretchy lace and elasticated straps that act as detail on the front but turn into something a little more erotic on the back. If your lover finds the time they will notice this thong has beautiful details, the bow being one of the most obvious.

This sexy crotchless thong is definitely not for the faint hearted, but once their on you'll feel a whole new side of sexiness come over you. Sadly the nipple covers aren't included but here's the link to a set of red nipple pasties that will surely be appreciated.






Last but not least is one or our personal favourites. The Provocative L'Eternelle Body in white. It's ornate body that's rich in style and made out of exquisite lace. It's been carefully designed to exaggerate your curves bu clinching in at your waistline.

The material is sensual to the touch made out of very delicate lace, with a floral pattern and fully adjustable. At the back you have hook san eyes so that you can adjust for complete comfort.

It's design has sexy cut outs down the side over your hips, these too are fully adjustable. Now for the best bit, It has a crotchless front and bum design that's extremely naughty. Although it's white it makes up for it in design. The teddy is completed by delicate small bows on the shoulder straps and just above the bum.


Don't worry if none of these crotchless sets are right for you, we have many other styles and we're pretty confident that one of them will be just what you're looking for.

Why not browse the whole crotchless lingerie collection here


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How to master bondage behind closed doors

If you've attempted to do a little light bondage before then maybe this article will be right up your street and help you decide if you want to get a little darker!

It's well known that couples who have experienced with a little light bondage being tied up and treated a sex object, touched and played with, pleasured and satisfied without putting in much effort at all. Initially, it can be great fun but a lot of couple discover that this tends to be one sided.

You'll require initiative and imagination. If you have these two skills then there are plenty of bondage toys out there to aid your sexy restraining sessions on your journey.

If you can set a theme to begin with, you'll find your bondage play easier to maintain and keep fresh, time after time.

Here are some initial ideas to help you on your way!

1. A taste of bondage & discipline.

The term bondage often gets misconstrued. It's not just being tied down and beaten, on the contrary it's more about a lover being constrained, being a willing pupil, keeping their hands to themselves whilst you take the dom (dominant) role to teach them new experiences whilst they can't do any touching themselves.

Whilst they are tied up, show them how to excite you using your hands or sex toys.

Put on a show! If you like to use bondage toys here and there then feel free to use them as part of your show. Tease your partner by telling them what you're doing to yourself, how you like to be touched and where exactly. The more detailed and descriptive you can be the better and more tantalising it will be fore your partner.

Don't give in to your partner when they start squiggling and fighting the restraints. This display is better know as 'tease and denial'. It's where you know that they want to touch you but you won't let them. Well lot until they learn how to properly!

Explain to your lover what positions you like and exactly what you love about that position. Make sure they know how to do it exactly as you like it to be done.

Bondage does allow a little movement. For example you could use leg spreaders and wrist cuffs for their hands. These can be great toys for your bondage gear box of goodies.

The leg spreaders provide easy access to all your private parts between your legs and you can hold onto the convenient bar for the more awkward positions.

If you tie your lover up using their hands/wrists above their head you will have access to their torso, their legs and their crotch. You'll be able to move them into different positions and show them what really does it for you. The fact they are tied up means there is no danger of them moving out of position before you climax.

If you allow them to have some movement they will be able to participate in penetration whilst keeping a good balance. This would be an ideal time to teach them how to perform oral sex just the way you like it.

Bondage and oral sex make a great team. If your lover is tied up on their knees they can still perform oral sex. You'll have complete control over how they move and then you can tell them how orgasmic it feels when they do it correctly. This is one lesson the definitely won't being forgetting too soon.

2. Sensory play is part of bondage

When all of your senses are restricted (sight, sound, touch and taste), this is known as sensory play. It's where foreplay is a slow build up. It's all about the psychology and physicality stimulating your mind and body. It's up to you to try different styles of sensory play to discover how your lover's body reacts, likes and doesn't like.

If you're a fan of foreplay, sensory play is a great tool in your armoury. It compliments bondage by adding an element of anticipation into the mix and it stops your partner from going to fast and the experience finishing too soon.

It's not a must to be tied up but you'll discover that a blindfold will seriously enhance the session. Ear buds will also aid in blocking out all the sounds, such as vibrations. This bondage kit has all you'll need.

Different temperatures.

Whilst your lover is tied up and blindfolded introduce different temperatures. These will wake up all your lovers nerve endings. Ice is the obvious one but you could also consider glass dildos that can be both heated up or cooled down in water. Obviously make sure you don't make the temperatures too hot or cold and consider which parts of their body you teasing. They will react and let you know!

Watch them wriggle when the cold tingling ice runs down their body. They will pivot in all kinds of provocative motions.

A little pleasure and pain can work

This is all about balance and timing. Begin with several different pleasurable sensations and after a while throw in the occasional moment of pain then followed by another set of pleasurable sensations. During these short moments of pain it releases both adrenaline and dopamine into the blood stream and this creates a short period of natural high. At the same time all of your lovers nerve endings will be raised to the surface so the next time they will be even more sensitive.


There are some toys that can aid in this adventure, such as paddles, whips and feather ticklers. They can be used throughout the whole experience whether it be massage and foreplay or full penetration.

If you're seeing signs of enjoyment with this type of play then don't hesitate in using these bondage toys to exaggerate the intensity.

A spanking paddle is basically acts as your hand but is much better due to its larger surface and harder material. The flogger has long tails and is usually made from leather. You can caress the body with the tails whilst occasionally whipping the body for a little pain. Start slowly and work your way up the pain thresholds to discover where your lover's limit might be.

Here's an example of how you could do it. Whilst massaging your lover, try a quick spank to the buttocks or back of thighs. This will soon wake them up if they're getting too relaxed. We don't want them falling asleep now do we!

3. Tease, tie up and tantalise

Finally we have a more progressive style of bondage play. This is where you restrain your lover right up to the point of them climaxing and then suddenly reducing the stimulation so that the arousal dissipates. This can be a mutual experience so that both of you are synchronised with each others levels of stimulation. 

Although you can do this without bondage being involved it's not as powerful as without being restrained your partner can end up stimulating themselves to orgasm.

This method is not to be confused with the BDSM act of denial or ruined orgasm, the main goal is to tease and increase the intensity of frustration to exaggerate the final orgasm. Use good communication skills to ensure orgasm isn't reach at least 3 or 4 times before you allow them the full glorious climax. This will take time but once mastered you'll both be having a mind-blowing sexual experience.

If you want to learn how the bondage professionals do it have a read of our bondage for professionals blog article.


Everything you need to know about the Babydoll

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